Helping asset management specialist aim higher

The University’s applied research in product life cycles has successfully helped Add Energy launch its new software product, AimHi™.

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Information about Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP)

The Problem

As a specialist in asset and integrity management consultancy services, Add Energy works with global clients in the energy, utility and manufacturing sectors. 

One of the challenges their clients face is identifying and prioritising maintenance issues in their plants. 

Get it right and it can save significant costs. 

Get it wrong and it can be dangerous for employees working in those plants.

Which is why Add Energy developed AimHi™, a software product that collects maintenance operation information, calculates performance indicators and provides a graphical dashboard to the plant operations and maintenance teams. As a result, maintenance process risks and optimisation opportunities can be quickly and accurately identified. 

Our Solution

As part of a KTP run through Innovate UK, researchers in the School of Science, Engineering and Environment helped the Add Energy team to solve technical challenges in their business-to-business cloud hosted software application.

The team worked together on requirements analysis, design, implementation and testing to create a product that was trialled in a large combined-cycle gas turbine power generation facility. 

The impact of the KTP has gone beyond the successful development of the AimHi™ software. 

Add Energy has also developed an innovation strategy to achieve business growth over the medium to long term, establishing a research and development business function and a new software innovation team that is developing several new products, allowing the company to expand into new markets. 

We are using the experience gained on the KTP to inform our wider teaching on the adoption of agile software development methods in SMEs, while Add Energy regularly supports our HackCamp initiative where groups of students use agile software development methods to tackle real business challenges. 

Following the AimHi™ software project, we are delighted to be working with Add Energy on another KTP aimed at the development of an end-to-end solution for automated asset change management.