Knowledge Transfer Partnership

A three way partnership between companies, graduates and academics

KTP has been working for UK businesses and universities over the last forty five years and is one of the UK government’s most successful knowledge transfer programmes.

A KTP is a mutually beneficial, three-way collaboration between:

  • A graduate or post graduate (known as an Associate)
  • An organisation (a UK-based business of any size, in any sector or a not-for-profit organisation)
  • A university/research institution (Knowledge Base)

A Knowledge Transfer Partnership serves to meet a core strategic need of an organisation to identify and deliver an innovative project that will bring about lasting, transformative change. It is the role of the KTP Associate, to lead the project with full support and supervisory input from the organisation and the Knowledge Base teams.

Why get involved?

Each KTP is a three-way-partnership between a company, an academic team and a suitably qualified graduate. The programme is intended to bring new capabilities to a business or organisation in order to solve a problem that is unique to your company. It has been proven to work with companies in a wide range of sectors and sizes. Part funded by Government, Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTP) is a programme, enabling innovation in business.