Settling in and making connections

University isn’t just about studying. It’s the time to make connections and develop your personal skills. It's OK to be nervous - that's normal. No matter how you’re feeling, there are some ways you can ease into this aspect university life.

Students walking to the Welcome Fair

Get involved in Welcome 

Welcome (Monday 8 to Monday 22 January 2024) is filled with events to help you get familiar with our services and teams alongside giving you the chance to try something new and meet other students. Here are some highlights you can expect: ice rink, curling line, campus and city tours, a variety of stalls (delicious food and freebies included!) and the SU Welcome Fair.

There's something for all student groups too! Here are some examples: 

Join the New Students' Scavenger Hunt 

Our Scavenger Hunt is a great way to become familiar with our support services and campuses (even if you've studied here before). It's also a pretty good opportunity to make friends as you can try it with your new flat / coursemates. (You can also fly solo if you'd prefer). We're also giving everyone with an eligible entry a chance to win £50 Inspire credit or a £10 Salfood Voucher. 

Other ways to make connections

Meeting new people and making friends doesn’t end at Welcome. There are lots of ways you can make connections throughout the academic year including: