Nursing at Salford – what to do next

Student nurses reading patient records

Now that you have completed your interview, you might be wondering what happens next. Find out more about each step of the application process below.

The application process

Making offers

Because of the popularity of this course, we operate a 'gathered field' procedure where all or some of the applications we receive between September and the 15 January UCAS deadline will be held until all applications have been received and assessed.

This means that you may not receive a decision about your application until the end of March, when the interviews for on-time applicants are complete.

Please keep reviewing UCAS Track for updates on the outcome of your interview. If you are not offered a place, you can request feedback on why we reached this decision.

Please see below for contact information for each branch of Nursing. No decisions will be reversed, however, you may find our feedback useful for future applications.

Offer conditions

If we make you an offer, it is important that you carefully review the conditions of your offer - you’ll find these on UCAS Track.

If we have requested scanned copies of your certificates, we need this information before we can make your offer unconditional and confirm your place. 

Copies of certificates should be sent to as soon as possible so that this condition can be removed from your offer. Failure to provide this information will cause a delay to any decisions being made when we receive your results from UCAS.

Alternative offers

If you do not fulfil our requirements at interview and we do not offer you a place on your chosen Nursing course, we may make you an alternative offer onto another programme in the School of Health and Society.

If this happens and you’d like to discuss this with us, you'll find details of who to speak to in your offer letter. Alternatively, you can contact us on +44 (0)161 295 4545 and we'll be happy to help.

Accepting an offer

If you receive an offer you must accept or decline it by the UCAS deadline. All conditions of your offer must be met by the end of August, even if you are offered a place for a later intake.


We have two intakes for undergraduate Nursing courses: September and January. Both intakes are exactly the same and you have the same learning opportunities. Please note that the foundation year intake is September only.

Our master's courses in Adult Nursing and Mental Health Nursing currently have one intake in January. 

Occupational health check

All offers are subject to a satisfactory health check.

Once you have an unconditional offer you will be emailed two forms, one that you complete and another for your doctor to fill out.

This will happen approximately six to eight weeks before your start date. Once the forms are returned to our occupational health team, you will be given an appointment to come in. More information about the occupational health check process.

Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check

All offers are subject to a satisfactory police check.

Once you have an unconditional offer, we will send you a link to the online application form for a disclosure and barring services (DBS) check. Again, this will happen around six to eight weeks before your start date. Once submitted, you’ll be given a range of dates on which to present your identification to us at the University of Salford.

If you wish to disclose a conviction or you are concerned that you may return a positive DBS check, please review and complete the Positive DBS webform, or contact us at to discuss your situation.


Get in touch

To speak to our admissions tutors about your application, please contact the relevant team email below:

Adult Nursing

Mental Health Nursing

Children and Young People Nursing