Revision and Exams

Effective revision

Learn how to prepare for revision and how to revise effectively.

  • Estimated duration is 8 minutes.

Approaching your exam

Learn how to prepare for them and how to be your best on the day. It cover the different types of tests and exams, things to do before your test or exam and things to do on the day.

Note: The advice given applies to on-campus and online tests and exams.

  • Estimated duration is 20 minutes.

Developing your confidence for studying at University

Learn what academic confidence is, how confident you feel with your studies right now, tips for becoming more involved in your group, classes or research and you will create your own action plan of strategies to try to boost your study confidence.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Staying motivated with your studies

Learn strategies that you can use to help you feel motivated with your studies.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Revision and exam support resources

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Here are a few resources to support you through your revision and exams and to help reduce stress.