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One of the most important things to help you make a strong start to your university journey is knowing how to effectively manage your studies. Not only do you need to know what and when to study, it’s as important to know how to study. If you learn to use your study time well, you’ll have more time for the other important things in life.

Learning to learn at University

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In Learning to Learn at University you will learn about your learning preferences, the difference between surface and deep learning, different ways of thinking about and approaching your learning and how to develop a learning mindset.

Estimated duration is 25 minutes.

Be a successful independent learner

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In Be a successful independent learner you will learn about the expectations of study at higher education level, the skills needed for independent study, how to actively participate in, and take control of, your learning and your responsibilities as a learner in relation to engaging with your studies online and face to face.

Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Teaching methods

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In Teaching methods you will learn about the different methods of learning and teaching that will be used on your course, what you need to do to prepare for taught sessions and how your teaching is organised.

Estimated duration is 10 minutes.

IT Essentials

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In IT Essentials you will learn about the key digital tools, systems, and services you will need for your studies, the range of Microsoft software applications and how to access them, the digital tools for creating, storing and organising your work and where to get help and support.

Estimated duration is 30 minutes.

Take the Quiz

Once you have completed the eLearning on this page you can take the 'Get Ready to Learn' Quiz to test your understanding. If you score 80% or above you will earn a digital badge. The quiz is hosted in Blackboard.

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You'll find loads of useful information on our StartSmart platform, including advice and guidance from our expert support teams, to help you settle in and navigate your first few weeks at University. We'll help you:

  • Settle in
  • Manage your money
  • Set yourself up for study
  • Understand your responsibilities as a student
  • Take care of yourself and each other
  • Start thinking about your career

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