Essay Success

Take a look at our selection of eLearning content designed to help you write your essay.

Understanding an assessment brief

Learn about the different parts of the assessment brief, how to use your assessment brief to plan and complete your assessments and where to get help if you don't understand the assignment brief.

  • Estimated duration is 20 minutes.

Use Library Search to find academic information

Learn how to perform a search for different types of academic information in Library Search and how to use filters to make your results more relevant.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Read, take notes and use academic information in your assessments

Learn best practice tips for getting the most out of reading for academic purposes, identify different note taking strategies and know how to use the academic information your have found in your assessments. 

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Evaluating Sources

Learn about appraising and evaluating the information you find to check for issues of Credibility, Relevance, Authority, Accuracy and Purpose.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Using evidence in your work

Learn how to paraphrase and summarise evidence correctly in your writing, why it's important to use in text citations and when to use direct quotations

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Critical Writing

Learn about what critical thinking is, how to critically analyse, the benefits of critical thinking and the difference between critical and descriptive writing.

  • Estimated duration is 20 minutes.

Tools for good academic writing

Learn about using an appropriate style for academic writing, writing objectively and with caution, showing the connections between your ideas and the importance of drafting and editing.

  • Estimated duration is 40 minutes.

Approaching your essay

Learn how and when to get started with your first draft, how to structure paragraphs and essays, what to include in an introduction and conclusion and how you can use evidence to write objectively.

  • Estimated duration is 20 minutes.

Using Microsoft Word to format your essay

Learn how to use the tools in MS Word to format your assessments. Topics include fonts, line spacing, paragraph alignment, indentations, margins, numbering, headers and footers, footnotes, spelling and grammar and word count.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

Creating references using APA 7th Edition

Learn what the APA 7th style looks like in your work, how to use in-text citations, what you reference list is for and how to format you references.

Proofreading and editing

Learn about the purpose of proofreading your work and useful techniques for proofreading and editing.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.

How to eSubmit your work for marking

Learn how to submit a draft assignment, what an Originality Report is and how to find and interpret it, how to submit your work for marking and how to access your grades and feedback.

  • Estimated duration is 15 minutes.