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Audio student

As an acoustics and audio-based student, you're going to spend lots of time in our laboratories - so we've made sure that we have access to some of the best around. During your studies, you'll be based in our world-class acoustics and audio facilities and laboratories

Applying our industry-focused approach, we've designed our laboratories and facilities to mirror those used in professional practice and industry testing. By using advanced equipment from day one, you'll build advanced skills and be ready to flourish in your graduate career.

The Sound of Silence

Experience the Anechoic Chamber

Acoustics at Salford

Come and explore the quietest space you might ever experience. A place where sound cannot be reflected. So quiet, you can even hear the liquids move throughout your body.

The Anechoic Chamber is a room which acoustically is like being in the open air, high above the ground. To achieve this effect, the surfaces are lined with foam wedges to absorb sound and the floor is a wire trampoline stretched between the walls with an acoustically transparent catch net below. 

We use our Anechoic Chamber for testing the response of loudspeakers or microphones. It is also great for generating virtual acoustics of concert halls, city streets and other spaces. But it's not just for world-class research and study. It is also makes a great place for our music society to hold regular jam sessions!