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At the University of Salford our Recruitment Team are here to help and support you within your roles as Careers Advisors and Teachers.

We have many different resources to help you support your students with their decision making process and higher education choices. 

Careers Advisors Guide

Careers Advisors' Guide

The Recruitment Team at Salford are here to help you support your students through their higher education choices. Please see our Careers Advisors Guide for further information. We also offer a range of virtual and online presentations.

Personal Statement Guide

Personal Statement Guide

The personal statement is the one chance for students to make a positive impression of themselves to the Universities. Our Personal Statement Guide is a top tips handout for students that will give them an idea of content, structure and best practice when writing their statements.


Finance Guide 2020/2021

Finance Guide

Many students are apprehensive about how they will be able to meet the financial demands of a course at university, our Finance Guide highlights the key points on student finance and budgeting.

Mature Students' Guide

Mature Students Guide

For many mature students returning to education can feel daunting. Our Mature Students' guide provides advice and guidance to help answer some of the questions and concerns you may have about returning to study.

Salford in the South

Salford in the South

We have two members of our team based in the South of England and support hundreds of school and college events in the region each year. If your school or college are looking to broaden the outlook of your students then we would be delighted to visit and talk about the many benefits of moving to the North-West of England and Salford in particular.