Outreach and Widening Participation

campus visit

We work with schools and colleges in the Greater Manchester area to provide impartial information, advice and guidance (IAG) about pathways into Higher Education (HE) and the university experience to young people. We are part of Greater Manchester Higher, a collaborative network of Universities and colleges in Greater Manchester working as part of the Uni Connect project.

At Salford we are committed to breaking down traditional barriers to Higher Education, ensuring that our student cohort reflects the diversity in society. We work to inspire, engage and enable those who would not traditionally consider higher education to fulfil their potential by raising their awareness, challenging barriers and providing opportunities to explore Higher Education.

We deliver a wide range of activities and initiatives targeted from secondary school age to post-16 as well as bespoke activities for care experienced students, students with caring responsibilities, Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic students, disabled young people and others.

Secondary school students in class

Who we work with

For our activities for pre-16 learners, 66% of learners need to be from a target postcode (POLAR3 quintile 1 where areas of participation is low – please check the OfS for more details). The remaining 33% should meet one of the following WP criteria: 

  • Looked after children/care leavers 
  • Disability (including long-term health conditions and additional needs) 
  • Young carers 
  • First in their family to enter HE (first-generation) 
  • Asylum seeker/refugee status 
  • Military family/service children 

For our activities for post-16 learners 50% of learners need to be from either a targeted postcode or POLAR 4 quintile 1 or quintile 2 postcode. The remaining 50% should meet the WP criteria outlined above. 

To book onto any of our events you can contact us at outreach@salford.ac.uk.

Our events and activties

On campus

Our on-campus activities are a great way to engage students with our University, and enable them to discover more about their opportunities for the future.

We can provide a bespoke programme to suit your needs, which may include:

  • Aspiration-raising talks
  • Choices in education workshops
  • Campus tours
  • Subject taster sessions
  • Student ambassador Q&A panels 

Choice days - Year 8 and 9

These one-day events are designed to give year 8/9 learners an opportunity to reflect on their options for the future, in advance of selecting their GCSE options. Learners will examine the implication of their choices and how these influence their future. These days are hosted at our MediaCity campus.

Full details of upcoming events and booking information can be found on the GM Higher website.

Destination HE - Year 10

Campus visits for this group are designed to give learners the opportunity to think about life after Year 11. They will consider why GCSE's are so important and what subjects and qualifications they might want to choose in college. They will have the chance to think about Higher Education options and how they can get there.

Full details of upcoming events and booking information can be found on the GM Higher website.

In-school activities

Greater Manchester Higher are committed to attending information and guidance events in schools, to promote higher education to learners in Greater Manchester. Examples of events we might attend include:

  • Parents' evenings
  • Options evenings

We also offer a wide range of presentations and workshops including:

  • Student life presentations
  • Year 8/9 choices presentations
  • Year 10/11 choices presentations
  • General HE presentations (for parents & carers)
  • Revision skills workshops for year 11
  • Star Student board game for year 8/9

Full details of the presentations and workshops we can deliver and how to book in a representative can be found on the GM Higher website.

Bespoke events for targeted learners

We are happy to arrange bespoke online or on campus visits for targeted learners. This could be arranged on an individual or group basis for students with a disability, caring responsibilities, care experienced or estranged students. Activities can include campus tours, tailored HE workshops, student support talks, academic talks or tours. We also support a number of targeted learner events throughout the year as part of Greater Manchester Higher.

If you are in Greater Manchester we can  visit you and deliver any of our presentations and workshops to groups of students. We can also deliver teacher or key influencer CPD presentations as part of training sessions. If you are interested in any of our targeted learner outreach please contact outreach@salford.ac.uk to discuss your requirements. 

To find out more about the support we offer for targeted learners please visit our student support pages.

Plug in to Salford

If you are studying at Salford City College, are the first person in your family to go to University and have no family background of higher education, this project is designed to support your transition from college into student life.  

This is a free programme for students and participants will receive a £1000 bursary for taking part, paid via two instalments of £500 during the first and second trimester after they enrol at the University of Salford. All elements of the programme must be completed in order to access this scholarship.  

Student ambassadors

Our student ambassadors are a vital part of our work providing the bridge between outreach staff and the learners. Student ambassadors are asked to draw upon their own experiences to provide information, advice and guidance to prospective students who are unsure of their future.  

Student ambassador role

What will you be doing?

The role of student ambassador includes: 

  • Providing support on visit days during classroom sessions 
  • Delivering campus tours 
  • Providing support to staff throughout events 
  • Staffing stands at HE events 
  • Delivering talks in schools, following appropriate training 
  • Support summer schools 
  • Take part in face to face and online mentoring 

What do we look for?

The ideal student ambassador is interested in working with children and young people. They are:

  • Able to impart positive Higher Education experiences
  • Enthusiastic and positive 
  • Punctual, with excellent time keeping skills  
  • Proactive 
  • Flexible and able to adapt to changing situations  
  • May have personal experience to support our targeted groups – as a care leaver, young adult carer, mature student, Black Asian or Minority Ethnic student or disabled student. 
  • Able to share experiences in a positive way


  • You will be paid for your time – in most cases this includes training and any travel time 
  • A flexible part time job that fits around your studies and other commitments 
  • Valuable work experience – especially for those wishing to pursue a career in Education 
  • A chance to develop your confidence and personal skills 
  • A chance to meet new people and work as part of a fun and friendly team 
  • The opportunity to make a difference to young people’s futures 

How to apply

We run two recruitment drives throughout the year. Job opportunities are usually advertised through unitemps. If you are interested and have any further questions please contact studentambassadors@salford.ac.uk    

Event feedback

We love hearing your feedback following events we have run with your school. Below is a selection of some of the responses we have had.

Feedback from our events

Specific learning difficulties campus visit feedback

  • Can I just pass on a big thank you to all the staff and students that supported the event. The whole day was so interesting from start to finish. 
  • We are a social, emotional and mental health school so the information provided was excellent and relevant.  All our pupils gained so much from the day and some that struggle to picture the future are now talking about University. 
  • We all had a fantastic time and look forward to attending another event in the future. 
  • Thanks again for such a well organised event. 

Explore Nursing feedback

Thank you for the event last week, the following day as a starter I went round the class asking each student what they enjoyed, every student gave very positive feedback and there were very high levels of (unusual) enthusiasm!. They all found the event very valuable including: 

  • How students learn- environment, simulation rooms 
  • Meeting staff 
  • Student ambassadors who they thought were great in terms of the advice and help throughout the day. The students felt they could ask any question about studying and life on campus and got "real" information rather that information on the website
  • The opportunity to explore the facilities- library and also importantly student accommodation 
  • I think they all felt that it has made university less daunting and they learnt a lot throughout the day
  • I felt that a lot was covered in a short amount of time which was great, the pace was good and the event was very, very well organised
  • A huge thank you to all who contributed on the day

Year 8/9 choice day student feedback

What do you see as the benefits of attending university/higher education?

  • That you can get better at the things you like the most.
  • I will be able to get the job I want and have other choices if that fails.
  • You get to meet new people, learn new things and it is very inspirational.

What have you learnt about going to university from today’s visit?

  • I have learnt the difference between higher education and further education.
  • That going to university will benefit my jobs and life and that it is a fun experience.
  • I have learnt that universities are massive and fun. It was very welcoming and so enjoyable, would love to go to university in the future, it is also very nice (the buildings). 

What one word would you use to describe today’s visit?

  • Interesting
  • Fabulous
  • Enjoyable

Year 10 Destination HE student feedback

What do you see as the benefits of attending university/higher education?

  • More doors are open to you if you go to uni - you learn life skills and make friends
  • It gives you a chance to study a course that interests you
  • You have the opportunity to achieve your goal 

What have you learnt about going to university from today’s visit?

  • There is nothing to worry about, it is good to learn further about a subject
  • You have to be very independent and it can help a lot with job opportunities
  • That it is beneficial and helps you in later life
  • The responsibility you have but also the opportunity and experience

What one word would you use to describe today’s visit?

  • Amazing
  • Interesting
  • Fantastic

Frequently asked questions

If you have any queries about visiting us on campus then our FAQ section should answer the majority of your questions. After looking through if there is anything which you require additional information on then please get in touch at outreach@salford.ac.uk.


What is a campus visit at the University of Salford like?

The day will start with our student ambassadors meeting you and your learners at one of the drop off points on campus to take you to a lecture theatre for the welcome talk. Whilst the learners are completing the pre-evaluations, you will be given a timetable of the day and we will take a register of the learners too (which we normally ask for in advance). 

An Outreach Officer will then deliver the introduction before the learners are sent to their first workshop, which will be around Higher Education and the choices they will face when picking their next options. Afterwards, the Student Ambassadors will deliver a tour of our Peel Park Campus which will give the learners the opportunity to ask questions about the different courses available and what life is like at the university. 

After the tour, in most cases, lunch will be provided for learners and teaching staff in the form of a voucher that can be spend at one of the designated restaurants. Following lunch there is one more workshop and a final get together where learners complete the post-evaluations and participate in a Student Ambassador Q&A session, where again learners can ask any questions about HE and their experiences. You will then be directed back to your coach by our Student Ambassadors.  

Key points: 

  • Max 60 students per visit
  • Minimum of 1 teacher to 10 students  
  • The day starts at 9.30am and finishes at 2.30pm  
  • In most cases lunch is provided (this is based on targeting - ask the team for more information) 
  • There is no parking on site for coaches  
  • We do not organise or fund coaches for schools and colleges – please get in touch with your local Hub Manager to find out more information on this 

What is the address for the coach drop off?

University of Salford, Maxwell Building, 43 Crescent, Salford M5 4WT – we may give you an alternative drop off and pick up point depending on the location of the welcome talk, but we will give you this information in advance 

How do you book events?

Please view the Events and Activities page on the Greater Manchester Higher website or email outreach@salford.ac.uk.

How do I get to campus?

You will need to arrange your own transport for the day – or you can contact your local Hub Manager to organise. Access our travel page for directions to the university, just scroll down the page for instructions via car. 

What if I need to change a booking or cancel a booking? What if I have specific requirements?

Please get in contact with the team via outreach@salford.ac.uk to discuss these further.  

Checklist for organising a visit

Prior to booking: 

  • Read the event details carefully and consider how the engagement will support your broader engagement plan/IAG programme  
  • Check the event times, location and travel times and ensure you are able to attend the full event. If you need to leave early you should discuss this with the event organiser before you book by emailing outreach@salford.ac.uk  
  • Secure SLT support for off timetable arrangements, staffing supervision and transport  
  • Ensure you have adequate time to complete any paperwork and collect parental/guardian consent  

After booking/prior to the event: 

  • To return any requests for information needed before an event in good time including number of attendees, monitoring and evaluation data (free school meals, learners who are young carers and learners with disability, etc.) and any special requirements (dietary, medical, accessibility etc).  
  • To notify the event organiser(s) of any potential changes or issues with attendance within the time period set out in the cancellation policy (including any changes to which learners will be attending)  
  • Ensure that all school/college staff attending the event for supervision purposes are aware of the full event details and support expectations, including managing behaviour of the learners  
  • Ensure that all learners attending the event are aware of the event details and expectations    

On the day of the event: 

  • If you are running late for any reason, please make the event organisers aware as soon as possible  
  • School/college staff are responsible for supervision and behaviour management at all times, including break times 
  • Make the event organiser(s) aware of any issues or queries that arise during the event as soon as possible so they can be addressed  
  • Support learner engagement and participation in activities 

Will there be a cost for the visit?

No, we do not charge a fee for our visits.  

Is there parking at the University of Salford?

Parking is only available in exceptional circumstances - if you need to discuss parking please contact outreach@salford.ac.uk.