What can I do with a Bioscience degree?


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Woman in lab coat looks down a microscope

It is never too early to think about a science career once you graduate. 

With growing interest and investment in biosciences, driven by the Covid-19 pandemic, many new opportunities and projects will emerge in scientific research and development worldwide over the next few years. 

From laboratory testing to teaching and management, there are lots of options where you can take the skills you'll build during your studies. Read on to discover more.

Bioscience-based degrees are a gateway to a wide range of exciting roles and career opportunities. They can lead to research and roles in clinical settings in biomedical science, forensic science and analytical biochemistry. They can even open up pathways where you can apply your knowledge in science marketing and communications, teaching or medical writing.


Virus cell

The response to the Covid-19 pandemic required expertise from a wide range of scientific backgrounds. It is a useful illustration of some of the career paths and roles you can consider as a science graduate. 

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Bioscience courses at Salford


Chemistry student

Biochemists are in demand in sports science, healthcare, hospitals, and the pharmaceutical industries. Recent course alumni have secured roles in hospitals working on clinical trials in the metabolism sections, and at large pharmaceutical companies.

We offer a specialised Biochemistry coursewhere you can also take your studies stateside with a year in the USA.

Explore our Biochemistry degree courses:

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Studies in the USA

BSc (Hons) Biochemistry with Foundation Year

Biological Sciences

Students in the Bodmer Laboratory

A biological sciences degree can open-up career pathways in biomedicine, research or teaching. You could find roles at pharmaceutical companies, environment agencies, hospitals, forensic laboratories, and clinical trials companies.

Available with standard and foundation year entry pathways, our biological sciences degree gets to the very heart of life. You also have the opportunity to take your studies stateside with at our partner institution, the University of Toledo in the USA. 

Explore our Biological Sciences courses:

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences

BSc (Hons) Biological Sciences with Foundation Year 

Biomedical Science


Biomedical science

Choose our IBMS-accredited Biomedical Science degree course and focus your knowledge on medicine and the diagnosis, monitoring and treatment of diseases. Our Biomedical Science degree can also open up postgraduate progression into areas such as medicine.

Explore our Biomedical Science courses:

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science

BSc (Hons) Biomedical Science with Foundation Year



Chemistry students

A Chemistry degree is a gateways to career opportunities in the biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, food and brewing industries. Choose our course for an all-round knowledge-building experience. 

Explore our Chemistry degree courses:

BSc (Hons) Chemistry

Human Biology and Infectious Diseases

Biomedical science

Specialise your studies on virology and disease transmission with our unique Human Biology and Infectious Diseases degree. Our graduates have used it secure roles with organisations such as AstraZeneca, Cancer Research UK, and the NHS.

Explore our Human Biology and Infectious Diseases courses:

BSc (Hons) Human Biology and Infectious Diseases

BSc (Hons) Human Biology and Infectious Diseases with Foundation Year 

Marine Biology

A jellyfish swimming

Develop the skills understand complex ocean ecosystems and how to best protect them by studying Marine Biology. As a graduate, you can enter a wide range of career paths ranging from marine life conservation and management to science communication.

Explore our Marine Biology degree courses: 

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology

BSc (Hons) Marine Biology with Foundation Year 

Pharmaceutical Science

Chemistry students

Choose to study Pharmaceutical Science, and you will learn how to make new materials, analyse scenarios, cure diseases, and lead the scientific response against pollution.  You will also be ready for a role in the growing pharmaceuticals and biotechnology industry.

Explore our Pharmaceutical Science degree courses:

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science

BSc (Hons) Pharmaceutical Science with Foundation Year 


A group of Giraffes

Focus your studies on the animal kingdom with our Zoology degree. You will understand more about animals, their behaviour, their interactions with each other, and the environment.

Zoology graduates can enter a wide range of vocations in biological or life sciences. These include careers in areas such as zoo work, wildlife conservation and management, and science communication and publishing.

Explore our Zoology degree courses: 

BSc (Hons) Zoology

BSc (Hons) Zoology with Foundation Year