Why Study Performance Analysis in Sport at Salford?

Mohanned studied MSc Performance Analysis in Sport and graduated in 2020. Here he tells us why he chose to study at University of Salford and how the course has helped his career in semi-professional football.

· Why did you choose to study at Salford?

When I was evaluating where I would be studying, the course at University of Salford stood out. The staff are highly experienced industry professionals and well respected for their scientific contributions to sports. The access to sports science labs and instruments were the biggest highlight for me as this is otherwise not accessible except in sport organisations. The 24-hour library with a wide range of industry specific books and learning materials are great for students. The campus is lively and there are many societies that are super active in organising interesting events and student activities.

· What made you want to study your chosen course?

I am currently the under 18’s football coach at Chorley Football Club and needed to diversify and solidify my knowledge on the scientific practices of the field. 

· Tell us a bit about your course.

On the MSc I had two modules, 

Performance Analysis - this module focused on the different tools and methods used in objectively evaluating athletic performance in different sports. 

Injury Prevention and Performance Measurement - this module compliments the PA module but it also covers in more depth the scientific methods used in the physiological evaluation and measurement of athletic performance, the screening of Injuries and methods and practices of physiological athletic development and injury prevention.  

There was a very good mix of theoretical discussions, practical use of analysis and sports science equipment and seminars from industry professional as guest speakers. 

Mohanned Huffi

We had visits from an industry leading performance analysis software / equipment provider who delved into the practicalities and everyday practice in professional settings and a lecturer in sports psychology who gave a much-needed insight into this emerging sports science field and its use in the professional settings amongst other visitors. 

As part of the course, you undertake a placement and mine was the role of an analyst at a professional football club. The lecturers on the course are well connected to sports organisations and offered to help with securing placements, although this was not an official offering from the University, it made me feel like they were really invested in my development. Mark Quinn in particular, the programme lead, is an outstanding person when it comes to helping the students make the most of their learning opportunity. 

What did you want to do once you had graduated and how did Salford / your course help with this?

To secure a professional full time position within football as a Coach, the course gave me tangible and practical tools to help me in my field. A major part of coaching is the evaluation of performance and along with the sport science module the course prepared me well in the professional requirements and practices as an athlete developer. 

For anyone thinking of studying this course at Salford, I would say go for it! The staff are excellent, the labs replicate those used in professional settings and the campus is beautiful.