Why Podiatry at Salford Is for Me

Francesco Tells Us Why He Chose Salford to Study Podiatry

Following encouragement from my partner, I attended the open day in October 2021. I was impressed by the vitality the teachers demonstrated in explaining the podiatry course, and their humanity and open mindedness. Visiting the clinic and its environment, totally made me decide I was doing the right thing. I left the clinic enthusiastic and with motivation to work towards the entry requirements to achieve a place for 2022 entry.

Why I've Made the Right Decision

Based on my experience so far, the course is well structured, with a good balance between the hours spent onsite for the lectures and the self-directed study at home. The modules have, in my opinion, the right amount of dedicated hours based on their importance. Integrated Life Science is my favorite, so intriguing but difficult at the same time. The module of Professional Studies is interesting as it is very helpful in providing the right knowledge to treat patients properly during clinical work. Introduction to Collaborate Practice Podiatry has been fundamental to learn about safety, rules and communication within the healthcare system. There is also appropriate allocated time devoted for studying before having to submit assignments. Also, the fact that within just a few weeks on starting the course, you are able to treat your first patients in clinic, providing a good understanding into what podiatry entails, is just fantastic.

In terms of learning on the course, Blackboard is a very good system. It is a source of information and where messages are exchanged.  In particular, the library provides us with online access to an immense range of sources and is very easy to navigate through which saves you a lot of time.  Furthermore, the Academic Essentials teaching helps you to fight your weaknesses when it comes to studying.


Francesco Current Podiatry Student

My Future Plans

In podiatry there are different possibilities after graduating for continuing learning and specialising within vascular podiatry, dermatological podiatry, podiatry surgery, plus more. During the induction week, there was good exposure of all the main subspecialties in Podiatry. On completion of the course, I would like to continue learning and studying. I would prefer to work in a hospital setting to begin with, then after gaining more clinical experience I would like to open my own podiatric studio.

My Advice for Prospective Students

Studying Podiatry at Salford is an amazing environment. It is multicultural and open minded, supportive and inclusive.  The lecturers are very helpful and nice people in general. Podiatry at Salford is one of the best in the UK. It is not necessarily difficult to study if you work hard as there is a lot of help to provide support if necessary. Moreover, is a relatively modern discipline, therefore there are many areas and opportunities to expand your knowledge and research.