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Course Tutor Email address
Counselling and Psychotherapy Amanda Ryding, Phil Eva, Rachel Mallen and Chris Lomas counselling-admissions@salford.ac.uk
Criminology and Sociology programmes  Tom Redshaw t.redshaw1@salford.ac.uk
Diagnostic Radiography Sian McLean healthcare-radiographyadmissions@salford.ac.uk
Learning Disabilities Nursing and Social Work (Integrated Practice) Andrea Pepe  a.pepe@salford.ac.uk 
Midwifery  Kathryn Bond k.s.bond@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing Associate Roisin Ni Chuinn r.nichuinn@salford.ac.uk
Nursing (Adult) Nicola Pennington  n.j.pennington@salford.ac.uk
Nursing (Adult) Chris Fisher c.j.a.fisher@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing (Children and Young People) Donna Pearce d.m.pearce@salford.ac.uk
Nursing (Children and Young People) Kim Bird k.a.bird@salford.ac.uk
Nursing (Children and Young People) Nic Hubbard n.d.hubbard1@salford.ac.uk
Nursing (Mental Health) Will Hough  w.f.hough@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing Studies (top-up) Leyonie Higgings l.t.higgins@salford.ac.uk
Occupational Therapy  Lisa Brown l.a.brown2@salford.ac.uk
Occupational Therapy  Alan Mathew a.g.mathew@salford.ac.uk
Occupational Therapy  Rosie Whitworth r.a.whitworth@salford.ac.uk
Physiotherapy  Stuart Porter s.porter@salford.ac.uk 
Physiotherapy  David Dean  d.dean@salford.ac.uk 
Physiotherapy (part-time) Louise Henstock  l.henstock@salford.ac.uk
Physiotherapy (part-time) Sarah Prenton s.prenton1@salford.ac.uk
Podiatry  Gilly Mehraban g.mehraban@salford.ac.uk
Professional Policing Ian Cummins i.d.cummins@salford.ac.uk
Prosthetics and Orthotics  James May  j.w.may1@salford.ac.uk
Psychology programmes Anne Pearson a.pearson1@salford.ac.uk
Social Work  Sarah Carlisle s.e.carlisle@salford.ac.uk
Sport Rehabilitation  Eve Prescott Almond e.p.almond@salford.ac.uk
Sport Coaching Analysis (top-up) Mark Quinn  m.e.quinn@salford.ac.uk
Sports Science Nicholas Ripley n.j.ripley@salford.ac.uk

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