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During the week of 11-15 March 2024, many of our tutors will be available for bookable, online 1-to-1 appointments to discuss all aspects of their course, including entry requirements, course structure, projects and career opportunities. Whatever your question, feel free to book an appointment and speak with a tutor.

We're only an email away

If your course is not available for booking a 1-to-1 appointment, you can email your questions to the tutor directly: 

Course Tutor Email address
Advanced Clinical Practice  Nicky Parkin n.c.parkin@salford.ac.uk
Advanced Counselling and Psychotherapy (and Supervision) Chris Lomas  c.d.lomas@salford.ac.uk
Advanced Mammography Principles and Practice (PgCert) Joanne Ashworth j.ashworth@salford.ac.uk
Advanced Medical Imaging  Joanne Ashworth j.ashworth@salford.ac.uk
Advanced Physiotherapy Nicky Spence n.spence@salford.ac.uk 
Advanced Practice (Neonates) Sarah Fitchett  s.j.fitchett@salford.ac.uk
Advancing Integrated Care: Leadership/Practitioner Kirsty Marshall k.a.marshall@salford.ac.uk
Applied Psychology (Addictions) Lynne Marrow  l.marrow@salford.ac.uk 
Applied Psychology (Therapies) Simon Cassidy s.cassidy@salford.ac.uk 
Applied Social Work Practice  Amy Alajaty a.n.alajaty@salford.ac.uk
Applied Social Work Practice  Sian Hopton s.e.hopton@salford.ac.uk
Athletic Training and Sport Rehabilitation Adam Naylor  a.s.naylor@salford.ac.uk
Clinical Exercise Physiology Stephen Pearson s.pearson@salford.ac.uk
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy / Psychotherapy Jennifer Darling  j.r.darling@salford.ac.uk
Counselling and Psychotherapy Studies (Professional Training) January Wood  j.p.wood1@salford.ac.uk
Dental Implantology Adam Spacey a.spacey@salford.ac.uk
Diabetes Care Rincy Sajith r.sajith@salford.ac.uk
Family Group Conferences  Deanna Edwards d.edwards@salford.ac.uk 
Forensic Psychology Helen Hart  h.l.hart1@salford.ac.uk
Gastrointestinal Disorders James Richardson  j.richardson3@salford.ac.uk 
Geriatric Medicine Claire Moore c.moore13@salford.ac.uk
Leadership and Management for Healthcare Practice/Education Lesley Lappin l.p.lappin@salford.ac.uk 
Media Psychology Adam Galpin a.j.galpin@salford.ac.uk
Midwifery (post-registration) Jeanne Lythgoe j.lythgoe@salford.ac.uk
Midwifery (for registered adult nurses) Kathryn Bond k.s.bond@salford.ac.uk
Midwifery (pre-registration, for degree holders) Lesley Graham l.a.graham1@salford.ac.uk
Non-Surgical Facial Aesthetics Sam Curtin s.l.curtin@salford.ac.uk
Non-Medical Prescribing  Jill Bentley j.bentley3@salford.ac.uk
Nuclear Medicine Imaging Rob Higgins r.n.higgins@salford.ac.uk
Nursing - Adult (pre-registration) Chris Fisher c.j.a.fisher@salford.ac.uk
Nursing - CYP (pre-registration) Donna Pearce d.m.pearce@salford.ac.uk
Nursing - CYP (pre-registration) Kim Bird k.a.bird@salford.ac.uk
Nursing - CYP (pre-registration) Nic Hubbard n.d.hubbard1@salford.ac.uk
Nursing - Mental Health (pre-registration) Will Hough  w.j.hough@salford.ac.uk 
Nursing Studies Leyonie Higgings l.t.higgins@salford.ac.uk
Nursing (MSc) Tom Laws t.a.c.laws@salford.ac.uk
Occupational Therapy (pre-registration) Debbie Burrell d.burrell@salford.ac.uk
Performance Analysis Sports  Steve Atkins s.j.atkins@salford.ac.uk
Podiatry (pre-registration) Gilly Mehraban g.mehraban@salford.ac.uk 
Professional Doctorate Health and Social Care Paula Ormandy p.ormandy@salford.ac.uk
Psychology of Coercive Control  Linda Dubrow-Marshall l.dubrow-marshall@salford.ac.uk
Psychology of Coercive Control  Rod Dubrow-Marshall r.dubrow-marshall@salford.ac.uk
Public Health Anna Cooper a.m.cooper-ryan@salford.ac.uk
Public Health Penny Cook p.a.cook@salford.ac.uk
Social Work (MA) Annie Wood  a.c.m.wood@salford.ac.uk
Sports Injury Rehabilitation  Lee Herrington  l.c.herrington@salford.ac.uk
Strength and Conditioning  Paul Jones p.a.jones@salford.ac.uk
Supervision in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Helping Relationships (PgCert)  Chris Lomas  c.d.lomas@salford.ac.uk
Ultrasound Imaging Angela Booth a.booth@salford.ac.uk

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