Studying Adult Nursing at Salford - Karolina's Story

Why did you choose to study at Salford?

Everyone can recognise the famous University of Salford student nurse uniform, so I had no doubt I wanted to study my nursing here. I was already studying a different degree at the university called Human Biology and Infectious Diseases - I decided to change career paths and transfer to the nursing course. It was a tough decision due to having a lot of passion and love for science, but thinking about the future I knew nursing for me would be more beneficial. I already loved the university, being there two years, there was no other option in my mind than to stay and complete my nurse training where I was already settled.

What made you want to study Nursing?

When I began my previous course I started working as a Healthcare Assistant in theatres, during this time I fell in love with healthcare and the role of a nurse, my passion for care grew and I couldn’t imagine not being around patients for my future career. Hence why I decided to change paths, as much as I loved science and laboratory work, I knew that my purpose was to work directly with people and to be there on the “shop floor” if you’d like. 

What has your experience on the course been like so far?

I have loved every minute. Don’t get me wrong, it is hard work, balancing life, work, university and placements! But I wouldn’t have it any other way. I feel so proud and privileged wearing the uniform. Being referred to as a student nurse still gives me butterflies, it feels surreal that I am finally here, doing what I believe I have always been destined to do. The biggest advice I can give is to keep a diary, or do whatever you find best for staying organised as this will completely change your experience.

What do you enjoy most about the course?

I love that the course is very hands on, as you would expect. Everything that we do on the course is directly related to the requirements needed to become a registered nurse with the NMC (Nursing and Midwifery Council). Theory at university is also perfectly balanced to allow time for extracurricular activities. Whether that’s gaining experience in the profession through bank shifts or becoming a student representative and engaging in outreach with the university.

How do you learn on the course? I.e. practical sessions, lecturers, etc.

As part of the NMC requirements there are certain amount of hours to complete in both theory and practical learning. The duration of placement time varies every year but the course is designed to assure you meet all your proficiencies and competencies. Due to COVID, theory is still being facilitated via online lectures and activities, however, clinical skills session (outside of placement) are still being taught on campus using the simulation suites. The blend of the various teaching techniques assures that we develop our nursing skills perfectly.

What is the support like at Salford?

We are always encouraged to get in touch with lecturers or our personal tutors if we ever need anything. I have made use of that numerous times whether it’s to confirm something that I wasn’t sure about or to seek general or personal advice and guidance. I also found AskUS very helpful in the past, this is a service provided by the University House and Student Union, on the university website there is an online chat you can use for any enquiries. Even if they can’t immediately give you the answer to your question, they will always signpost you in the right direction.

Do you have any tips for students looking to study Nursing?

I think if you have a passion for it then don’t hesitate. It is the most wonderful profession to be entering into. It is hard work and can be stressful at times, but it is always balanced out with the most rewarding experiences. Try to get some experience if possible, it would not only prepare you for the practical side of the course but also give you a taste of the role so that you are satisfied with your decision prior to starting a degree. If you have already applied and are getting ready to start, I do advise doing some light reading on the topics you will study in your first year. Those can be found on the course page under module information, for example, anatomy and physiology. Don’t overwhelm yourself with information as it will all be taught to you anyway but some basic knowledge will make the start of your learning at university so much more easier. 

What would you say to someone who is thinking of studying this course at Salford?

Don’t hesitate! The University of Salford are the masters of nursing and nurse training. The school is run by some of the most experienced and knowledgeable nurses around. With plenty of advice, guidance and tips they willingly provide to assure we are ready for the future. The university honestly feels like your home, filled with opportunities directly related to your course or completely different to help you grow not only professionally in the field but also personally, providing you with many life skills and experiences.