Meet Psychology students Omayma and Kingsley

A student working

Student blogger, Emma, meets BSc (Hons) Psychology students Omayma and Kingsley.

What was it about this programme that made you want to study it at the University of Salford?

Omayma: For us both, it was the choice of modules available to students – they all seemed really interesting and relevant. You can really narrow down what you love and create a pathway tailored to your future career.

Kingsley: The course didn’t appear to be repetitive, I like the fact that you have the freedom to choose the route you want to go down. Not to mention the placement option! Although I am yet to go on placement, it looks like a fantastic opportunity.

What are the main skills your degree has provided you with?

Omayma: So far, Salford has improved my ability to adapt to new situations through group work. Often you get to work with people you haven’t met before, take on leadership roles, work effectively as a group and also present in front of an audience. Aside from my course – I have found that Salford offers some amazing opportunities. I have voluntarily taken part in the Wordscope programme, which is designed to heighten your literacy skills. I have also worked with Rafiki (hosted by the Students’ Union) which is a great opportunity to put my people skills into practice.

Kingsley: I have found that Salford has helped me not just within the programme, but with aspects of everyday life. I have had opportunities to present work in front of an audience and improve my ability to work in a group. These confidence and communication skills have been, and will be, useful to me throughout my career.

What is your favourite aspect of the course, and why?

Omayma: My favourite aspect would be how much of the content the course teaches is applicable to the real world – not just academically. It’s what university is all about, preparing you for the real thing and not just to satisfy a grade. I have also found the lecturers to be really supportive and great to go to for advice. I have noticed that the lecturer – student relationships are really strong which creates a great learning environment. The course has been diverse, with no repetitive modules, which has kept me interested and eager to learn.

Kingsley: For me, my favourite aspect has been writing reports. I have always found having the opportunity to go in-depth into a particular phenomenon really engaging and interesting. The lecturer feedback has been brilliant – allowing me to take the necessary steps to really improve my writing skills.