Activities and Daily Living

The University of Salford has upgraded a training room that provides a realistic home simulation environment.

This environment was originally purpose-designed to be small and cramped, thereby offering physical  hindrances  for  students  to experience environmental challenges that may impact an individual with physical disabilities. The 4 roomed “Flat” is 37sqm (roughly 400sqft) with a living area, bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.    

The realistic environment now has comfortable furniture and “homely” fittings to set the scene of a community visit where occupational therapists and other health care professions may work alongside service users. This simulation area attempts to mirror a real-life home environment model to a high degree of fidelity whilst allowing a variety of simulation techniques to be utilised effectively.

The flat is fitted with cameras and therefore allows for a structured debrief method through video-facilitated feedback. In addition to this, the updated simulation environment allows for research through the introduction of technological enhancement.