Mohita Fernandes, a versatile performer hailing from India, has embodied the spirit of artistry from a young age. Transitioning from an architecture student to a professional actor, she embarked on a transformative journey that would define her career.
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Graduating with honors in BA Western Theatre, English, and Psychology from Christ University, India, Mohita's foundation in theatre laid the groundwork for her artistic pursuits. With a penchant for both drama and comedy, she not only excelled as a theatre performer but also discovered her passion for directing, allowing her to chart new artistic territories.

A linguistic virtuoso, Mohita is fluent in English, Hindi, Kannada, and Konkani. Her mastery extends to various Hindi dialects and Indian accents, showcasing her deep connection with her country's diverse culture. She even lent her voice to self-devised animated character roles for a comedic short film, underlining her creative ingenuity. Her proficiency isn't confined to the stage alone, as Mohita is a trained Bharatanatyam dancer, immersing herself in the intricate world of Indian classical dance.

Her artistic range expanded further when she served as a Personal/Casting Assistant to the renowned Casting Director of Yash Raj Films, India's cinematic giant. Passionate about nurturing young talent, Mohita lent her expertise as a Communication Coach at Theatre Dots (now Constellor), using theatrical techniques to enhance communication skills among students aged 6 to 16. Her commitment to honing young voices showcased her dedication to fostering the next generation of performers.

Equipped with a Master's Degree in Screen Acting from the University of Salford, Mohita's education wasn't confined to the stage. Rigorously trained in screen performance, voice acting, green screen technology, and motion capture, she embraced the dynamic world of on-screen expression.

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