Eden Pierce is an actor based in the Northeast of England, who proudly identifies as nonbinary, using the pronouns They/Them. Their playing age is 20 – 28.
Eden Pierce portrait

Eden began their acting journey at Stockton Riverside College, studying Musical Theatre before progressing onto Teesside University to study Performing Arts. During their time on these courses, they had the chance of gaining and developing skills in many areas, all while performing in a variety of shows and musicals including ‘Wizard of Oz’ ‘Peter Pan’ ‘Fame’ ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and many more.

Deciding to extend their acting abilities, they began their training at The University of Salford, on the MA Screen Acting course. Through this course, they have gained experience in screen acting, motion capture, voice acting, and even working behind the camera.

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Scene: North Sea Connections Series 1 (The Catch)

Character: Aidan Kenny

Screenwriter: Josie Burke, Mark Greig

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