Chris Lenferna is a 24-year-old actor raised in Manchester with a playing age of 17-30. 
Chris Lenferna portrait

"I am a 24-year-old actor raised in Manchester; my undergraduate degree was in Animation. But through engagement acting in film productions and theatre since 2017 this sparked an interest in acting for screen and a desire to work on these skills. I studied screen acting for one year through the Act Up North school here in Manchester. I have an asset of having an exceptional ear for learning accents and languages, which I believe sets me apart from the crowd.

I enjoy hobbies of photography, writing poetry/short novels, Krav Maga, boxing and playing rugby. 

My background in Animation gives me an insight, passion, and skill for voice acting; supported by my talent in accents and impressions, and motion capture which I would love to experience more of in my career. 

I am also heavily interested in war films, and it is a dream of mine to be involved in a tv or film production in this genre as my casting type is that of the soldier is where I would be applied to best."



Character: David Stirling

Writer: Steven Knight

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