Tomos is a versatile performer from North Wales but based in north-west of England. He started his career in Performing Arts where he mastered theatrical skills, which led to a degree in Theatre and Performance Practice. His playing age is 17-28.
Tomos Dafydd portrait

Tomos has also been involved as a runner for big names such as Expedia and EE in the past, he believes that working in various roles within the industry can make you a stronger and more well-rounded actor. Although he enjoyed being a runner greatly, his passion lies with being a performer and hopes to share his craft with the world.

After gaining a degree in Theatre he enrolled onto a Master’s course in Screen Acting where he gained skills in screen acting, motion capture, voice over, dubbing and has even learnt how to edit his own work using Adobe Premier Pro. During his degree he chose Acting for Camera as a module, but he soon learnt that he wants his entire course to revolve around that aspect, which led him to enrol in the Screen Acting master's.

He describes himself as unique but niche. Growing up there was not anyone like him, he has never seen a Welsh, Hard of Hearing, member of LGBTQ+ community actor on television. He has made it his life mission to be that role model for younger him out there. Growing up, wearing hearing aids was something he was ashamed about, as he got older, he realised that it is something to celebrate, being unique will make you stand out amongst the crowd, your imperfection is your beauty.

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Title of scene: Shaun of the Dead

Character Name: Ed

Tomos Dafydd and Evan Dunn MA Screen Acting click to play