Katherine is an actress and performer with a love and passion for theatre, screen acting and voice acting. She is native to Michigan in the United States, currently based in Greater Manchester. Her playing age is 18-28.
Katherine Jarema portrait

Katherine has previously completed a BA in Theatre Acting at Columbia College Chicago, having participated in several theatre productions inside and out of the university, training in various acting styles, while also participating as an actor in numerous student film productions. She has also worked as an actor for the University of Chicago Law School’s mock trials and as a host at a Self-Employment in the Arts conference.

She has just completed a Master’s in Screen Acting at the University of Salford. With the completion of her Master’s course, Katherine has gained experience and training in screen acting, green screen work, motion capture, and various forms of voice acting.

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Watch showcase scene below: 

Title of scene: 'Sorry for Your Loss', season 2 episode 9

Character Name: Leigh

Jon Maddocks and Katherine Jarema MA Screen Acting click to play