Jamie is a talented and versatile performer who has a passion for film, TV, theatre and voice acting. His playing age is 18-25 years.
MA Screen Acting student

Jamie has completed training in various acting techniques such as Laban, Stanislavski, improvisation, Uta Hagen and many more and he has additionally completed training in motion capture, green screen and voice acting. He has honed his performance skills through completing various courses, most recently undertaking a Master’s in Screen Acting at the University of Salford, after completing a previous BA (Hons) at the University Centre Peterborough.

Jamie has performed with the National Theatre and the Key Theatre; he has also worked with various theatre companies such as Small Nose and most recently collaborated in a project including Jumped Up Theatre and the BBC Cambridgeshire. Currently, Jamie has expanded and showcased his skills in performing in a short horror film, as well as creating a multimedia show case, all of which showcase his ability to act, write scripts, edit, and perform music.

Spotlight Link - https://www.spotlight.com/7835-7834-8022

Spotlight Pin: 7835-7834-8022

Watch showcase scene below: 

Title of scene: 'Skins' volume 3, episode 2

Character Name: Freddie

Cameron Macleod and Jamie Peebles MA Screen Acting