Cameron is an actor originally from Glasgow who is currently based in Greater Manchester. His playing age is 18-26.
Cameron Macleod portrait

Cameron is a performer with a strong background in theatre, completing his BA Acting at New College Lanarkshire, where he has performed in many plays with his own theatre company, SKELF Theatre Co. and also had the opportunity to perform with the Citizens Theatre Glasgow on a piece of new writing by Martin Travers. Although his base is in stage acting, Cameron chose to expand his repertoire of skills by completing a Master’s in Screen Acting at the University of Salford, and has subsequently worked with Lizardfish TV on a project for BBC Teach focussing on the mental health issues that affect young people.

Cameron has a passion for both comedic and dramatic acting, and also voice acting. He has experience in devising, improvisation, directing and editing. Cameron voiced a character in an audio recording of an Auld Scots play written by Martin Travers and directed by Guy Hollands called, “A Daurk Maiter” (A Dark Matter), back in Scotland at the end of July.

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Title of scene: 'Skins' Volume 3, episode 2

Character Name: Cook

Cameron Macleod and Jamie Peebles MA Screen Acting