Cami O'Hagan, BA (Hons) Photography, is nominated for the Dean's Award for Academic Achievement at the 2024 Create Student Awards.
Cami O’Hagan portrait, Create Student Awards 2024

Instagram: @coh_visuals

“Being shortlisted as a finalist for The Dean’s Award for Academic Achievement holds great significance for me, as someone who identifies within the queer community. It’s not just about the recognition procured from being shortlisted, it’s about breaking the barriers in the silencing of queer voices, specifically in an art world that is predominantly dominated by heteronormative males. This awareness constitutes powerful affirmation of my identity and development of skills in cultivating my artistic practice. As an artist that primarily works through a queer lens, every artwork I produce reflects my own struggles and experiences as well as the LGBTQIA+ communities at large.

To be recognised on a platform that honours creativity is to have my narrative appreciated on a larger scale. This nomination has prompted my voice is valued and that my art can resonate outside of my own community. Being shortlisted for Create Student Awards also carries a sense of responsibility, I see this as an opportunity to represent not only myself but also the broader queer community within the realm of art – to question prescribed stereotypes, defy expectations and encourage others to embrace their own identities without shame. Most importantly, I believe that being nominated for this award has led me to a moment of celebration regarding the hard work I have put in to hone my craft. Opening the possibilities of adding to the conversation about diversity, inclusion and representation in the arts.”

Watch an interview with Cami below. 

Cami O'Hagan Create Student Awards 2024