A guide for how we’ll work with you on creative opportunities and industry engagement

Students in the Science and Industry Museum

Salford School of Arts, Media and Creative Technology engage with the industry to bring live briefs, commissions, and workshops to our talented students. Our collaborations with industry can be a part of a module or as an extra-curricular opportunity. We are open to working with all sectors to offer creative opportunities to our students across all programmes within our School.

How will the process work?


Once you’ve contacted our team, we’ll work with you to understand what you can offer our talented students.


We’ll then identify how your opportunity can enrich their studies while agreeing on timescales with you.


Once we’re good to go – we’ll share the opportunities with our students who have the relevant skill set that meets the requirements of your brief.


We’ll then work with you to shortlist and/or select the most appropriate students for the experience.


What's next? From paperwork to the start date and ends date, and more – we’ll ensure to work with all the stakeholders involved to make sure everyone is prepared for the brief.


Once the opportunity has been completed, we’ll gather feedback from you for sharing any lessons we’ve learnt throughout the process.


What are projects can we work with you on?

We can work with industry clients on developing their project and offering it to students as a live brief which will provide them with valuable industry experience. Some of the areas we’ve worked on include:

  • Social media packages
  • Graphic design opportunities including branding
  • Artwork commissions for public spaces
  • Photography opportunities
  • Documentary, promotional video and podcasting projects
  • Festival assistants

If you’d like to run a workshop focusing on industry skills, or a talk about your organisation to inform students about what you do we can also arrange that with you!

We run industry insights sessions throughout the year where you can speak to our students about recruitment opportunities or how to engage generally if you are a cultural organisation looking to promote what you do.

When can we work with you?

We can work with industry throughout the year to bring students opportunities. We do have times when the students are more engaged, or we can bring your opportunity onto a module to ensure uptake. If we can’t make it work at a certain time, we’ll work with you to explore other options.