About us

Staff and Associates

Salford Institute for Dementia (SID) emerged from the goal of University colleagues in enabling those living with dementia and their care partners to live as well as possible..

Our work focuses on the challenges faced by people living with dementia and their supporters and seeks to improve their lives in positive and meaningful ways. Our research is impactful and far reaching in scope and scale.  We have received funding from research councils, national and local charities, clinical commissioning groups, city and county councils, NHS trusts and other public sector providers. We collaborate with other researchers from across the world, as well as organisations, enterprises, service providers, and most importantly, people living with dementia to undertake our work.

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The Institute began work in earnest to meet a community engagement agenda and established the Dementia Associates Panel. This panel is a group of people living with dementia and their care partners who work together to support and advise on the community engagement, research, education and enterprise activities that we undertake.

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The staff team are tasked with taking the work of the Institute forward, this may be education or enterprise related activities, or research or community engagement activities, or a combination.

Collectively we are an experienced group of academics from different professional and disciplinary backgrounds.  We are skilled in delivering education, conducting research using a variety of research methods, securing funding from different sources to conduct research and enterprise work, and disseminating our research to academic audiences as well as our community engagement work where we maximise societal impact.

Institute staff

There are a core group of Institute staff.

Professor Anthea Innes - Director

Lesley Waring - Administrator

Dr Sarah K Smith - Enterprise and Education Specialist in Dementia and Ageing

Mali Pocsai - Community Engagement Officer

Siobhan Kelly - Community Engagement Officer