To ensure that our curriculum is career-focused and industry-informed, we maintain close links with a variety of businesses and organisations across the globe. Our partnerships help to produce graduates who have the ability to apply their academic knowledge to real-world business scenarios and problem  solve with the efficiency and professionalism expected in high-level careers. 

The industry collaboration we take part in at Salford Business School comes in many forms; as well as students benefiting from this, our collaborations with businesses offer exciting opportunities for growth and even improvement for the community. Through partnerships with organisations like Salford Credit Union and Salford Anti-Poverty Taskforce, some of the most vulnerable people in the local community are able to benefit from the research, knowledge, and expertise of Salford Business School students.

Maintaining outstanding links with organisations across the globe is a priority at Salford Business School and our commitment to this is reflected in our top 5 HESA ranking for SME engagement and through being the first university in the UK to gain a Social Enterprise Gold Mark.

Interested in a research collaboration with Salford Business School? Visit our Research Collaboration page to find out more.