Partnering with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce


We’re proud to work closely with Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce as one of their patrons. Through our links with the Chamber, students have opportunities to network with business professionals and develop their skills. Chamber members also benefit from links to our Business School by accessing our academic knowledge, research and expertise.

How this link benefits students


In 2019, a group of BSc Business and Economics students attended the Chamber's spring assembly to network with industry contacts.


Five undergraduates worked at the Chamber on a three-month internship in 2019. One project included providing research for the Chamber’s connectivity campaign, which looked at how people, freight and data can be moved around Greater Manchester.


The Chamber's Head of Research, Subrah Krishnan-Harihara, gave a guest lecture to our students on the implications of Brexit and the wider economic landscape in Greater Manchester.

What our partners say

Chris Fletcher

"Our partnership with Salford Business School is an excellent example of how working with a proactive and fully engaged organisation with clear objectives and purpose can play a huge role in helping local businesses grow. Whether hosting events, supplying expert speakers or developing strong links with business, Salford really are at the heart of developing a stronger community. Our members respect this and their recognition and awareness of Salford Business School is thoroughly deserved." Chris Fletcher - Head of Marketing, GMCC

How this link benefits the Chamber


One of our economics experts sits on the Chamber's Quarterly Economic Survey panel, providing an academic perspective on the survey’s findings.


We presented at the Chamber's Skills Summit in May 2019, providing insight to Chamber members on local and national government skills policies and the opportunities for collaborative working in Greater Manchester.


We have worked with the Chamber to promote the benefits of knowledge transfer partnerships to businesses in Greater Manchester.