Mission, Vision and Values

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Our Mission

We empower our diverse community of learners by inspiring curiosity, building confidence and nurturing resilience to support every individual’s personal and professional journey.

Through education, enterprise and applied research, we connect:

  • to industry
  • to the future
  • to our region and, through our partners, across the globe.

Our Vision

To foster the next generation of leaders and a new vision of innovative and entrepreneurial leadership that integrates people, values and the digital in order to meet the challenges and opportunities of a sustainable future.

Preparing You for the Future

At Salford Business School, we know that the future will be characterised by ongoing technical disruption and rapid and continual change. 

Discipline knowledge will only get you so far. 

That’s why all our academic programmes equip you with the skills, attributes and aptitudes to thrive in an uncertain and complex world, including: 

  • An entrepreneurial mindset characterised by flexibility, agility, and a willingness to experiment 
  • Life-long learning skills, including curiosity, meta-cognition, and self-reflection 
  • The confidence to question, collaborate and innovate  

Come to Salford Business School. Become Curious. Become Confident. Become Resilient. Become Unstoppable. 

Find out about our commitment to our students.

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