Meet Sneha Karunakaran

Work placement

MSc Digital Marketing student Sneha Karunakaran shares with us her Salford journey, as well as her industry placement experience so far at Self Storage Tameside.


The Salford Experience

My journey of how I came to study Digital Marketing at the University of Salford wasn't as straightforward as many of my peers' experiences. Having worked at top companies in India and earning a decent remuneration, I left it all behind to pursue my dream. This was difficult, but all the more exciting and challenging. 

My course, MSc Digital Marketing is covered over 5 modules, Digital Marketing and Data Analytics, Online and Offline Consumer Behaviour, Integrated Marketing Communication, Search and Social Media Management and the final module which makes the University stand apart from its competitors is the Industry Collaboration Project. The Industry Collaboration Project allows you to complete a paid placement as part of your final module. This course doesn't focus on just one area of the business and hence I will have exposure to all the segments of Digital Marketing.

My Placement Experience

I am placed with Self Storage Tameside as a Digital Marketing Intern managing two of their important websites: Storage Stockport and Storage Oldham. I would call myself lucky and the careers and employability team very hard working and persistent in getting me this opportunity. 

Having found a paid placement during a pandemic and in my area of interest is more than what I could ask for and it is the University’s careers team that I have to thank. Right from reviewing my CV to sending it to prospective employers, setting up interviews, taking feedbacks, to all the guidance and help that the team has provided is commendable.

Placement Highlights

The best part about this placement is that I still get to work from the office, meet people and all of this while following government’s COVID-19 guidelines. I get to use the best in class Digital Marketing tools. I have a daily meeting with the owner of the company where we go through the tasks of the day, look at what revenue we have made and tweak the strategies we have for the next day. My usual day at work is busy with writing blog posts, creating new webpages, managing the website content, PPC and more. I enjoy going to work and taking on new challenges. There are plenty of people out there who absolutely love their careers, and today, I can proudly say I am one of them!

Moulded for the Job Market

On day 1 of this course, I was given a task and asked to do a presentation in front of a class of 30 students, yes 30 eager and intellectual students. I was quite nervous at first, but I absolutely nailed it! Writing assignments, working in groups, writing blog posts, researching on topics have all helped me develop my skills. The course has helped me enhance and apply my skills such as time - management, decision - making, planning and organising projects and group works, which is an essential part of being an extraordinary employee in today’s competitive job market. After having this placement and gaining the knowledge and experience with the help of my supervisors, I’m sure life after university is going to be a fun ride.

Top Tips for Inquisitive Minds

The time at hand is limited so try to make utmost use of it, have fun but keep an open mind. Ask questions, connect with people as much as you can. Create achievable milestones. Get your social media profiles such as LinkedIn and Twitter updated. Create a CV that is smart and tweak it for every job you apply based on the job description. Make new friends and try to learn a new thing every day.

I would encourage and recommend the University of Salford to any and everybody who truly values being a part of a splendid community and would love to experience togetherness. The university is my home and could be yours too!