Meet Marija Linkevica

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Having originally got her degree in Illustration and Animation, Marija joined Salford Business School to study MSc Management to develop her business skills. As part of her course, Marija did an internship with the Salford Business School’s Future Females to raise the group’s profile. Having graduated with distinction, Marija is now setting up her own business as a freelance digital artist.

We spoke to her about her experience at Salford.

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Tell us a little about your course.

I started this course back in January, hoping to get more knowledge and experience in Management. So far, the modules have been very diverse, with each module focusing on a specific aspect of management, such as marketing, leadership, and international management.

Most of the lectures on my course took place online because of COVID and it was hard to find the connection with tutors through the screen. But all the tutors tried to give us more knowledge to become successful and encouraged us to express our thoughts by turning on our microphones during the sessions.

What’s been your favourite part of University?

Being able to use different facilities available on campus such as library. I love studying in quiet spaces full of people.


Tell us about your experience applying to do an internship with Salford University’s Future Females?

I got support from SBS-Employability, which provided me with some of the available vacancies. I was hoping to secure this internship, as I wanted to get more experience in marketing and learn more about female leadership.

Photo of Marija Linkevica

What have you learnt from your internship that you think will help you in the future?

Future Females taught me many new things about female leadership. By doing the research for the blog it made me realise how important it is to support women, so they could have more confidence in building their professional careers and following their dreams.

The event which we organised gave me more experience in event management, and I hope to use it for the future events as well as my resume.

What has been the highlight of your internship so far?

The Future Females Live Event marked the culmination of the 12-week internship. We prepared it throughout the whole internship by looking at different options we could use for the event.

How do you think your course at university and your placement has prepared you for working life?

By devoting yourself to studies you do not only get knowledge about the chosen course, but you also acquire soft skills, such as time management, critical thinking, communication etc.., which are becoming a more valuable part of the candidate’s resume. The internship gave me more specific experience in marketing and event management, which can also be used to compete with other candidates, when applying for a job.

What advice would you give to someone who is considering studying at Salford Business School?

Try making friends in early stages of studies. It will not only make your student life more interesting, but it will also help you network with different people, most of whom will work in the same industry as you after the graduation.

What do you plan on doing after you graduate?

I would like to work in the music industry by doing background work either in marketing or management.