Meet Anna Ilieva

Anna Ilieva

Anna Ilieva studied BA (Hons) Journalism and MSc Digital Marketing at the University of Salford. We spoke to Anna about her experience at Salford Business School. 

Why did you choose Salford Business School?

I have many friends who studied business related courses here and they gave me great feedback about their courses. They were satisfied with the tutors and the overall teaching process. I also researched the course I was interested in and found out it was accredited by the major marketing institutions. 

What’s been the best bit of your course so far?

One of the great things is that Salford Business School has many established relationships with industry and students have the opportunity to get involved in job schemes, work placements and gain hands-on experience. But the best bit has the friends I have made. I was wondering who I might meet on the course, but I was lucky enough to become friends with a few amazing people and great professionals. 

Tell us a bit about the other people on your course.

Many of the people on my course are professionals who have worked for a few years in the marketing industry. This is very beneficial for me because they've been able to share their experiences.

What do you plan on doing after you graduate? 

I plan to develop my digital marketing skills and find a position in a company that needs people with fresh ideas and a different approach. I’d like to contribute and be useful with my ideas.

What would you say to someone who's considering studying MSc Digital Marketing at Salford?

I would advise anyone who is considering studying this course to stop hesitating and apply. It's a great asset to your professional career and will teach you the foundations, plus fundamental knowledge, about various subjects. You will also get the chance to become a part of a great community. Large enough to matter, but small enough to care.