Help to Grow: NTB Survey LTD

In a business landscape where adaptability and expertise are paramount, Nick Bamber, Founder of NTB Survey LTD, recognises that a multidisciplinary approach is essential for navigating complex challenges.

Your Name: Nick Bamber
Your Business: NTB Survey LTD
Completed year: 2023


  1. Could you kindly introduce yourself, your role within your business, and provide a brief summary of what your business entails? I’m a land surveyor by trade and a keen climber and family man outside of work. I founded NTB Survey which is a multi-discipline land surveying business, providing topographic and measured building surveys, as well as setting out and engineering services.
  2. Can you describe the key challenges that your business was grappling with prior to your enrolment in the Help to Grow: Management programme?
    Not knowing the “business” side of running a business. Whilst I was more than capable of conducting and delivering surveys, everything that surrounded that was unknown and I needed to learn.
  3. Could you elaborate on the most impactful lessons or skills you have acquired through your participation in this programme?
    Planning, writing things down are the basics, team involvement, asking the right people the right questions, and deciding to act in a particular area and see it through.
  4. In what ways has the Help to Grow: Management programme influenced your business, particularly in terms of performance, resilience, and growth?
    It has reinforced practices within the business in regards to accounting, helped develop a stronger, more inclusive team and assisted with strategy and planning.
  5. Is there a specific moment or module from the programme that sparked a significant realisation or inspired a strategic change within your business?
    Marketing was key, our lecturer for that helped us with our current plan and develop that further, giving us confidence in what we were doing and the strength to move forward along that path. Similarly, with the financial side, after changing accountants earlier in the year, the finance module helped crystallise what we were doing inside the business and the importance of understanding of this element.
  6. What advice or insights might you share with potential participants who are considering enrolling in this course?
    You don’t know what you don’t know. The course exposes you to different ways of thinking through different industry types, whilst not all of it may be applicable to your individual business, there is always something you can learn that may become relevant in the future, if not now.