Student Store

Two students browsing the aisles in the student store on Peel Park campus

There are two student stores around campus, one in the heart of the Peel Park campus and one in the Allerton building.

Please check the opening times to make sure we’re open when you visit for your everyday essentials.

Student Store Peel Park Campus

We are open in the heart of campus, near Clifford Whitworth Library. We sell groceries, frozen and chilled foods to take back to your accommodation. We have a bakery with fresh sandwiches, pastries and pies  alongside a Costa Express coffee. You can also find hot dogs, meal deals, cold drinks, a zero waste station (Why not  bring your own container, or use a paper bag - no more wasted packaging) and much more. We also sell stationery, branded clothing, alcohol and tobacco products

Student Store Allerton

Our second Student Store can be found in Allerton building and is there to make your student life convenient. There is a fresh bakery in the morning, meal deals and any kind of snack during the day for a quick stop. Also, find stationery items, such as notebooks and pens, hoodies. Lastly, you can also collect your Amazon parcels.

Please contact with any queries.