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Autac - Electric Vehicles

Autac is a leading designer and manufacturer of standard and bespoke cable solutions, partnering with clients across the world, delivering high quality cable products, solutions and service from its sites in the UK.

The KTP aimed to:

  • Design and develop an innovative range of Smart Foldable electric vehicles (EVs) charging cables.

Embedded capabilities:

  • Step-change in R&D capabilities
  • Methodology to analyse customer and product insights
  • Accelerate product to market
  • Growing premium position in market while introducing a value brand
  • Design and development of a foldable connector and cable reel box
  • Creation of new Manager R&D/Technical role.

The outcomes of the KTP have and will further enable Autac to increase innovation capacity and strengthen their position in the EV market.

VUE - InsurTech

VUE is an InsurTech fleet risk management partner, working with the world's biggest insurance companies and the UK's best-known brands.

The KTP addressed:

  • State of the art AI to analyse sensor data collected (eg. speed, acceleration, braking, cornering) via vehicle telematics combined with vehicle/road/driver to produce models that accurately predict the risk of an accident.
  • Deep-learning prediction capability of FNOL (First Notification of Loss) for eliminating costly delays.

Embedded capabilities:

  • Data science and deep learning (Advanced Machine Learning and Computer Vision)

The KTP allowed VUE to join the two sides of the VUEgroup together by offering a connected insurance product where the vehicle telematics are immediately communicated to the insurer.

iKoustic - Soundproofing and Acoustics

iKoustic specialises in the proprietary design and distribution of soundproofing and acoustic products and systems to reduce noise transferred through building partitions.

The KTP aimed to introduce an analytical approach to product development:

  • World-exclusive airborne sound insulation partition testing methodology and associated prediction model
  • Methodology to test dynamic stiffness of resilient elements (vibration isolation clips)
  • Database for all information regarding new product development (material structural and performance data).

Embedded capabilities:

  • Increased focus on new product innovation
  • Robust research and development methodology
  • Quicker reach to market, higher performing and reduced manufacturing costs.

Clarks - Shoe manufacturer

Established in 1825, C&J Clark International Limited is a British international shoe manufacturer and retailer.

The KTP aimed to introduce an evidence-based approach onto children's footwear:

  • Model to translate technical understanding to accurate and engaging online sales approach. Including foot health, children's biomechanics and footwear mechanics
  • Methodology to test dynamic stiffness of resilient elements (vibration isolation clips)
  • Creation of new USP to reduce "Fit" barrier in the online market.

Embedded capabilities:

  • Robust data set of children's foot and gait measurements
  • Dataset on foot growth, gait biomechanics and 3D foot shape in the 0-12 years.

The KTP will help consolidate Clarks Kids as a market leader. Investment in digital fitting facilities for store and home use to reinforce positioning of expertise and leverage confidence in understanding children's feet and growth rates.