Postgraduate Information Day

Your Information Day

Our online Postgraduate Information Day on Wednesday 10 June, 13:00 - 16:00 includes a range of different sessions aimed at providing you with the information, advice and guidance you need to choose the right postgraduate course and university for you.

This webpage is your hub for the event as you will move back and forth between this page and the sessions during the day. If you need any support, the team will be on hand throughout the event to chat and you’ll also find more information in the FAQs section below.

Please note, we’d strongly recommend that you access all sessions using Google Chrome on a laptop or desktop computer for the best experience.


Student blogs


The sessions on offer include a Life as a Postgraduate Student talk and presentations on postgraduate student finance and study skills.

You will also have the opportunity to join a campus tour, speak to our askUS team about our support services and chat to our partners Campus Living Villages about accommodation at Salford.

You will be able to access the sessions from this page at 12:00 on Wednesday 10 June 2020. 

If you have any questions in the meantime, please feel free to contact us on, +44 (0)161 295 4545 or by using the live chat on the right-hand side of this page. 

Plan Your Day

A few of the sessions will take place at a dedicated time during the day, while others will be run as a drop-in. The table below provides an overview of the day; slide through the images to find out more information and the links to enter each session. 


Session Time
Life as a postgraduate student 13:00-13:30; 14:00-14:30
Study Skills: What makes postgraduate different? 13:30-14:00; 14:30-15:00
Postgraduate fees and funding 14:15-14:45; 15:15-15:45
Campus tours 13:00-13:45; 14:00-14:45; 15:00-15:45
Recruitment drop-in 13:00-16:00
askUS drop-in 13:00-16:00
Accommodation drop-in 13:00-16:00


Our Campus

The University of Salford is in the heart of Greater Manchester, just 2km from the city centre, so travelling here couldn’t be easier, whether it’s by train, bus, car or bicycle.

Take a guided tour around our Peel Park, Frederick Road or MediaCityUK campus with our Salford’s current students. These sessions will run at 13:00, 14:00 and 15:00 and last for approximately 45 minutes, with plenty of time for you to ask any questions. Select a campus below to enter the tour. 



Chat With Our Current Students

Do you want to find out more about studying here? Speak to some of our current students about their experiences on our live chat. 


How does the information day work?

You can access each of the sessions from this page when they go live from 12:00 on Wednesday 10 June. Simply click on any of the links and the sessions will open in a new tab. Once a session is finished, close the tab and you’ll be directed back here for your next activity.

The system we’re using for the event is called Blackboard Collaborate. Blackboard is the virtual learning environment we use at Salford, and you’ll become very familiar with it when you start your course with us.  

How do I access the sessions?

Using Google Chrome, just click the link for the session you want to access, and it will open in a new tab, leaving this event hub page open for you.

When you join your first session, you’ll be asked to add your name and that’s all you need to do. You may also see a microphone and camera test pop up the first time you open a session, but don’t worry about this as we’ve disabled these for you.

If you experience audio problems when you enter any of the sessions, you can also dial into them using your mobile phone. To do this, please click on the menu button on the top left-hand corner and select ‘use your phone for audio’. This will provide you with a unique phone number and pin that will allow you to dial into the session.

Do I need tech to access the sessions?

We'd recommend using a laptop or desktop computer to access these sessions, for the best experience. We also recommend using Google Chrome as your browser. You don’t need a microphone or a camera for this event.

How do I ask questions?

Once you enter the session, you will be able to use the chat function on the right-hand side of the screen – you won’t be able to ask any questions verbally as microphones are disabled.

To access the chat box function, simply click on the two pink arrows symbol in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen. Please be aware that any questions you type here can be seen by other participants.

Can other participants see or hear me?

No. Other participants will only be able to see your name and any questions you enter in the chat.

How long does the event last?

We’ll be here from 13:00-16:00, but the length of the event depends on how many of the sessions you’d like to attend.

Can I talk to an academic tutor?

Unfortunately, our lecturers will not be available during the Postgraduate Information Day. You are, however, welcome to join us for our online Postgraduate Open Day on Wednesday 1 July 2020, 16:00-18:00 – find out more here.

I need technical support.

If you are having any technical issues or problems during this event, please use the live chat function to speak to a member of the team who will assist you.

How do I apply?

All postgraduate applications are made directly to us via our online application form. The application process is slightly different for a number of our courses, so we’ve outlined the steps you need to follow where necessary.

While there is no set deadline for applications, we recommend that you apply at least six weeks before you preferred start date so that we have time to process your application.

I have a disability and I'm unsure of how this will affect my experience during the event.

If you have a disability and need support during the event, please contact us by calling 0161 295 4545 or email to discuss your needs. 

During the event, you will also have the opportunity to speak to our askUS team about disability and learner support at Salford. 

For more information on the accessibility of our campus, please visit the accessibility section of our website. We have also worked closely with AccessAble to produce an assessment of our campus and facilities; you can find out more about access guides and routes across our campus on the AccessAble website.