Professor William Holderbaum

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Current positions

Professor in Control and Automation Engineering


I completed my PhD in engineering from the University of Lille in June 1999.  During my PhD, I focused on the following topics: hybrid dynamical systems, artificial neural networks, classification, Lyapunov stability, and predictive control. I then started a position as research assistant at the University of Glasgow. I have been since lecturer, senior-lecturer and professor of mathematics and engineering at the University of Reading. I have worked at other institution Manchester Metropolitan University and Aston University as Professor in Control Engineering.

My research has focused upon control theory and systems modelling with applications. This range from highly theoretical contents such Lie group theory and wireless power transfer to practical aspect for example control theory applied to energy saving by using Energy Storage, rehabilitation engineering and health related problems. I have been very successful in numerous grant applications from different funding body such as EU, EPSRC, TSB, KTP, Innovate and industries.

Over the past twenty years, i have over 130 publications and supervised 23 PhDs students and 9 Post-docs. My ambitions in research are orientated in control engineering and mathematics, but I also like to implement the theory to a practical problem. I have applied my control expertise to several applications and in particular rehabilitation engineering and energy transmission, storage for electrical systems, and power systems.

Areas of research

Control Theory, Mathematical Modelling, Energy, Healthcare Technology


My teaching is on the theoretical side of engineering such as Algorithms, Control, Mathematics and Electromagnetism (EM) theory, and few on the practical side like electronics and power systems. A few of these courses were inherited, but all of these have been expanded, or completely revised. Most of the courses were developed as new courses. I am also external examiner and Coventry University and Harper Adams University. I am also personal tutor to students to give them supports and to monitors their academics progress.

Research Interests

My research program has concentrated on furthering the field of control theory and modelling. My early work was focused on hybrid dynamical systems. This work culminated in the development of the Hamiltonian systems on Lie Group, and that has become widely recognised nationally and internationally through seminar invitation in Universities worldwide. Over the years, I have applied my control expertise to several applications and in particular rehabilitation engineering, Robotics and energy transmission, energy storage for electrical systems, and power systems. In rehabilitation engineering a major contribution was techniques for controlling the trunk standing up using electrical stimulation. Furthermore my research in energy storage has given promising result in the use of multiple agent systems and intelligent control to minimise energy consumption when using multiple storage combined with harvesting technology. Novel research in creating a model of wireless power transfer has enormous potential in the automotive industry and already early results through publications has shown promising results.

Finally my research robotics is also in autonomous flying vehicle, and, in particular, in the area of motion planning and visualisation.

Qualifications and Memberships

Member of the IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers)

Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (HEA)