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Tim Ward is a distinguished expert in employability, cognitive-behavioural leadership, and performance development program design and facilitation. With an impressive track record spanning over 20 years in global higher education, personal development, and coaching, Tim has empowered individuals to achieve lasting success in their careers.
As a seasoned professional skills trainer and coach, with a background in Sports Psychology and coaching, Tim excels in crafting and delivering impactful emotional intelligence development programs. Throughout his career, he has guided individuals in recognizing their strengths and passions, helping them set meaningful goals and providing a roadmap to achieve them.
Tim's accolades include the design, implementation, and delivery of award-winning development programs, workshops, and e-learning initiatives. His commitment is to ensure that those he works with not only uncover and make effective use of their talents but also develop their values to truly excel in their professional journeys.
With a wide-ranging background in successful and innovative design, Tim's delivery of training and development for staff at all levels is characterised by a personable, professional, and enjoyable approach. His expertise has benefited individuals across various sectors, including private and public institutions.
Tim's consultancy, coaching, and training skills have thrived in a fast-paced learning and development environment.
His notable contributions include:
• Serving as an Associate Trainer for In Professional Development, delivering customer service, emotional intelligence, and performance programmes for esteemed companies such as Cadent Gas.
• Acting as an Associate Trainer and coach for Advanced Performance, collaborating with notable companies including SKY Broadcasting, Boots, and British American Tobacco.
• Contributing as an Associate Trainer with Goodfoot.
Tim has also made impactful contributions to the University of Salford's Managers Program, the University of Salford Graduate Attainment Program, the Manchester Metropolitan Grads to Work Program, and the University of Cumbria Graduate Boost Program.
His commitment extends to conducting CPD workshops for ASET, the leading professional body for placement and employability staff. These workshops cover a range of topics from social media strategy development to personal branding for institutes, staff, and students.
Tim's expertise is not confined to the academic sector; he has provided NHS nurse staff training and development for several Manchester and Northwest Strategic Health Authorities. The focus of these programs revolves around talent development, emotional intelligence, communication skills, and assertiveness training.
Tim's passion for imparting employability skills development is evident in his lecturing roles at esteemed institutions such as the University of Salford, the University of Cumbria, and Manchester Metropolitan University. He has also led a two-day workshop program for the Bucharest Education Fair, showcasing his international engagement and influence.

With a wealth of experience as an experienced conference speaker and presenter, Tim Ward continues to inspire and transform individuals across diverse professional landscapes. His commitment to excellence and his innovative approach make him a sought-after figure in the realm of professional development and coaching.

Areas of Research

The use of Cognitive Behavioral Psychology within the development of peak performance in all professional spheres.


Emotional Intelligence. Peak Performance and self awareness. Personal Branding.