Dr Theodoros Theodoridis

School of Science, Engineering & Environment

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Current positions



Dr Theo Theodoridis is an Associate Professor (Reader) in Robotics and Intelligent Systems, and the Head of the Aeronautical and Mechanical Engineering dept. at the University of Salford. He received the BEng degree in Automation Engineering from the Technological Educational Institute of Piraeus, Greece, the MSc degree in Embedded Systems and Robotics, and the PhD degree in Intelligent Crime-Recognition Surveillance Robots from the University of Essex, UK. He worked as a full-time postdoctoral senior research officer (EPSRC grant) at NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL), focusing on multimodal human-robot interfaces and visual guidance, as well as pattern recognition control methods. TT is a member of the Autonomous Systems and Advanced Robotics (ASAR) research group, the leader of the Intelligent Mobility area at North England Robotics Innovation Centre (NERIC), and his research has been funded by EC EP5-7, EPSRC, MRC, Innovate UK, and the Regional Growth Fund (RGF) with a total grant income of over £1.8M. TT has excellent development experience collaborating with the industry, and a significant research contribution of various publications and research outputs in Robotics and AI.

Areas of Research


1. Service Robotics (Robot Nurses, Maids, Guards, Companions and Entertaining Robots)

2. Artificial Intelligence (Classical AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Probabilistic Reasoning)

3. Embedded Systems and Mechatronics (Mechanical Modelling, Electronic and PCB Design, Embedded Programming)


Robotics, Mechatronics, Embedded Systems, SLAM, Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Fuzzy Logic, Probabilistic Filters, Classical AI, Computer Vision, Biomechanical Modelling, Statistical Analysis, Mechanical and Electronic Embedded design, C and Java programming.


Mechatronics, Advanced Embedded Systems, Mobile Robotics, Group Projects, Final Year Projects, Dissertations