Dr. Sudi Sharifi

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Current positions

Senior Lecturer in Organization Theory, Behaviour & Analysis


I completed my doctoral research at Aston University and entered academe since.  My academic experience thus spans more than 2 decades from postgraduate research student at the Aston University, through Manchester and Birmingham Business Schools, to the present day at Salford Business School.

I have provided academic leadership as the Director of the Research Centre for People, Work & Organization (2003-2009) and  Research Centre for Organizational Behaviour and Leadership (2009- 2011), and through supervision of doctoral researchers. Over the past 7 years 7 doctoral candidates under my supervision have completed their thesis and graduated from Salford University.

I have been involved over the years in various research projects sponsored by such funding bodies as EPSRC , ESF, ESRC, KTP. The outcomes of these projects have been judged by the funding bodies frequently as outstanding [e.g. the EBK project].

I am one of the cofounders of OLC-MENA (the Organizational Learning Conference- Middles East and North Africa), which held its inaugural in November 2012 in Abu Dhabi. The second Conference will be in /October 2013 in Dubai. The other cofounders are Dr Garad and Dr Khouri.

I presented my key note speech along with Peter Senge and Jeff Gold.

The following links show the highlights as well as my presentation:


I have taught on Post graduate and Undergraduate courses over the past 2 decades.

My teaching subject areas mainly fall under the discipline of Organization Theory and Organizational Behaviour.  Within such disciplines I teach the following subject areas and have done over years:

  • Organization structure & design
  • New forms of organizing and work
  • Leading change and innovation
  • Managing change
  • Organizational learning & sense making
  • Management thoughts & paradigms
  • Managerial and leadership behaviour
  • Organisational misbehaviour
  • Managing groups & teams

The main focus is and has been on micro and macro aspects of organisation and organising.

Further to the above I also teach Research Methods to the Post Graduate students at Master and PhD levels. This includes Research Design, Doing Qualitative Research, Ethnography, Preparing for research degree assessments and so on.

Research Interests

Sudi’s research areas can be summarized as follows: Managing Organizational Change and Innovation, Organizational Sense making, Organizational Learning, Politics of Change, Ethnography of Doing Research, Product Design and Development.  She is currently collaborating on  research  with colleagues in Universities across UK and Europe [Sheffield, Sweden and the Netherlands] which focuses on the developments in Home-based Teleworking and the implications for the European Labour Market. In addition, Sudi is one of the cofounders of OLC-MENA (the Organizational Learning Conference- Middle East and North Africa),which successfully held its inaugural in November 2012 in Abu Dhabi and the next conference is being organized and planned for October 2013 in Dubai, UAE.  Sudi has completed an ESRC project classified as ‘outstanding’ into how SME’s know and learn. She acts as a consultant on managing change in Knowledge Transfer Projects and has been working with an NHS Trust on developing ‘a tool kit’ for assessment of stroke patients. She has had various roles including managing the graduate teaching scheme and doctoral programme as well as leading Research Centres. She has successfully graduated 9 PhD students.

Qualifications and Memberships


  • MSc (Aston) HRM
  • PhD (Aston) in Management and Managerial work