Dr Samantha Gregory

School of Health & Society

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Current positions

Lecturer in Psychology (Cognitive)


I am a lecturer in cognitive psychology at the University of Salford where I am also co-chair of the visual cognition research group.

I was previously a Leverhulme Research Fellow at Aston University Birmingham, funded by the Leverhulme trust (Early Career Fellowship) and Aston university.

I completed my BSc in Psychology (2008-2011) and my MSc in Psychological research (2011-2012) at Bangor University in Wales. I followed this by working as an RA at Bangor University and then completed my PhD at The University of Aberdeen in Scotland (2013-2017).

Areas of Research

My research interests lie in attention, visual working memory and long term memory. I have a keen interest in how the social factor of joint attention (the mutual focus of two individuals on the same object or event), as signaled through eye gaze, shapes perception and memory of events. I am also interested in these factors in older adults, and how social activity may be protective against cognitive decline.

Areas of Supervision

Social cognition
Social isolation
Cognitive Aging