Dr. Samantha Gregory

School of Health and Society

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Contact Details

Allerton Building, Room L827.


Please email for an appointment. 

Current positions

Lecturer in Cognitive Psychology


I am a lecturer in cognitive psychology at the University of Salford where I am also co-lead of the visual cognition research group.

My research interests lie in attention, visual working memory and long term memory. I have a keen interest in how the social factor of joint attention (the mutual focus of two individuals on the same object or event), as signalled through eye gaze, shapes perception and memory of events. As part of this I am interested in how these social cognitive processes change across the adult lifespan. In my research I use a range of approaches including both neuroscience and behavioural techniques as well as using virtual reality to present social scenarios. I am also a keen advocate for open science practices and am co-chair of the open science working group at University of Salford.

Please check out my personal website to see examples of my work as well as brief talks about my research projects.

Areas of research

Working memory, Eye gaze, Joint attention, Attention, EEG, Social cognition, Ageing


  • Cognitive psychology
  • Research methods

Research Interests

  • Working memory
  • Eye gaze
  • Joint attention
  • Attention
  • EEG
  • Social cognition
  • Ageing

Qualifications and Memberships

  • Member of the experimental psychology society