Mr Saber Mahboubi Heydarabad

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Dr Saber Mahboubi is a Robotics and Automation lecturer at the University of Salford Manchester. He holds a PhD (Marie Curie funded) in Robotics from the University of Salford. He was involved in several research and industrial projects funded by the EU, EPSRC, and Innovate UK for the design of autonomous self-driving control systems, as well as innovative grasping technologies with applications in in-space non-cooperative manipulation and industrial robotic pick and place. He is an experienced Robotics and Automation scientist with a demonstrated history of working in higher education and more than eight years of industrial experience. He is skilled in Robotic Manipulation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), Deep learning, Robust and nonlinear control systems, Industrial Automation, Autonomous Self-driving vehicles, CAD/CAM, and multi-body dynamic modelling.