Philip Brissenden

School of Arts and Media

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Adelphi Building AP306

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Current positions

Lecturer in Music

Phil Brissenden began as a pianist and composer. He is now a multi-instrumentalist and focuses on musical instrument design. His Phd project is a patented invention, integrating a reverse action keyboard with a zither interface, called the reverse action piano harp

The official website for this instrument is here

Recordings demonstrating the instrument playing music from various genres are to be found here

Areas of research

Music, Instrument, Design, Composition, Performance


  • Composition 
  • Studio Composition 
  • Music Technology and Studio Production 
  • Acoustics

Research Interests

  • Musical Instrument Design 
  • Evolutionary origins of pitch sense and tuning

Qualifications and Memberships


  • MA Music – Composition. University of Durham