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In 2024, Naomi became part of the University of Salford faculty, guiding pre-registration nursing students as a lecturer in Children and Young People’s Nursing. Her extensive experience includes nearly a decade of nursing service in medical and surgical neonatal units throughout Greater Manchester and London.

Driven by her commitment to delivering exceptional neonatal care, she has completed a series of specialist post-registration neonatal courses. Her educational journey has led to an MSc in Advanced Practice (Neonates), paving the way for her to qualify as an Advanced Neonatal Nurse Practitioner (ANNP).

In this role, Naomi has participated as an NIHR trainee Associate Principal Investigator for the DOLFIN study at Royal Bolton Hospital Neonatal Unit. This study seeks to identify the Developmental Outcomes of Long-term Feed Supplementation in Neonates.

As an ANNP, Naomi has shown commitment to exemplifying the four pillars of advanced practice, therefore pursuing a role as a lecturer, marks a logical advancement in her professional journey due to her growing passion for research and education.

Her research interests include: inclusivity and diversity in social and healthcare contexts; care across the life course; neonatology and advanced nursing practice.

Areas of Research

Care across the life course,
Neonatal nursing,
Advanced Practice,
Equality and diversity.

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • MSc Advanced Practice (Neonates)

    2019 - 2020
  • BNurs(Hons) Child Nursing

    2011 - 2014