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Current Position
Lecturer in Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work

I trained in Nigeria as an Accountant, since coming to live in the United Kingdom over 20 years ago. I have worked in different Health and Social Care settings. I am a graduate of the Integrated Learning Disability Nursing and Social Work degree from the University of Salford.

As a qualified nurse and a qualified social worker, I have worked in Mental Health Hospitals, supporting people with enduring mental health problems by offering them medical and therapeutic interventions whilst building effective relationship with them and their families/carers. I have also worked in older adults’ settings, dementia units, children and families’ units, learning disability settings and as a Specialist ADHD nurse in one of the Local Authorities in Greater Manchester.

I have a vast knowledge in providing interventions and support for people about their holistic health as I have worked through the lens of the social and medical models of care. As a Nurse, I am experienced in providing nursing interventions for incontinence, stoma care, syringe drivers, injection techniques, catheterisation, medication management, peg feeding, general personal care and end of life care. I have also held both roles (LD Nurse and Social Worker) within the Children and Adolescent Mental Health Service (CAMHS).

In my role as a Social Worker, I have had the opportunity to work through the process of assessments and diagnosis of ADHD, FASD, Bipolar Disorder and ASC with people with lived experience and their families. I have held complex cases and worked with other professionals like the police, Forensic CAMHS, Psychiatrists, Specialist Epilepsy Nurses, Psychologists, Family Therapists, SENCOs, Schools and Social services. I have provided useful interventions on anger management, anxiety, sexual health, relationship, bereavement, low mood and depression to people with lived experience in my roles.
My Masters’ degree is in Leadership, I have held the role of a Team Leader in an intermediate mental health setting within the community. I have supported and advocated for mental health patients with the process of preparing tribunal reports and representation in tribunals, engagement and resettlement in the community through the lens of Mental Health Act and active risk assessments. In my roles, I have had the opportunity of training and mentoring other professionals and also students on placement.

I am a leader within my community, this has given me the opportunity to be involved with many organisations within the third sector in the United Kingdom and in other countries. In this role, I have provided culturally sensitive assessments, spiritual support, interventions and signposting services for people who has had contact with the criminal justice system and people who are in prison, young adults with diverse needs, families from minoritised backgrounds, people who struggles with drug and alcohol issues, homelessness issues, budgeting, families who have contact with the social services, individuals who are neuro divergent and people with enduring mental health issues, to mention but a few. I have also worked with individuals living in mother and babies’ units and I am also involved with the UK BME anti-slavery network.

In my current role as a Lecturer, I teach across a range of modules for both undergraduate and postgraduate courses within Nursing and Social Work with the aim of utilising blended and inclusive approaches. I am an academic assessor and I lead on some of the modules I teach. I do offer pastoral support to students from different backgrounds in my role as their personal tutor. I am also involved with the quality assurance and auditing of the placements used by the University.

Areas of Research

Research Interest:

Addressing gaps in healthcare for people from minoritised backgrounds
Health improvement for the minoritised communities
Intergenerational knowledge of access to Health
Young Black Adults as expert bridge/ambassadors
Salutogenetic approach in health and social care
Exploring Meaningful Relationships for People with Learning Disabilities
Biopsychosocial approach in heath interventions
Transdisciplinary Science
Spirituality and Holistic Health
Leadership and Reverse Mentorship


Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice
Higher Education Academic Fellowship