Dr Md Shadab Mashuk

School of Science, Engineering & Environment

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Shadab is a Lecturer in the School of Computing, Science & Engineering at the University of Salford. He has several years of experience working in the industry and academia as a Data Scientist and Research Software Engineer working on large scale data driven projects as part of the team before joining University of Salford and brings with him a pool of industry specific experience that can enrich teaching and foster industry collaboration and interdisciplinary research significantly.

He did an interdisciplinary PhD from University of Nottingham and was part of the Horizon CDT, School of Computer Science and Nottingham Geospatial Institute. He also completed his MSc in Advanced Computing Science from University of Nottingham and BSc in Computer Science from NSU, Bangladesh.

He is highly interested in interdisciplinary research involving the application of AI and Machine learning (ML) algorithms/techniques, data pre-processing, modelling and software engineering methods, He is also interested in areas of stochastic simulation using agent-based modelling approach that incorporates intelligent agent interactions and behavioural analysis in social simulation.

At the moment, he is involved in a couple of grant funded projects involving Machine learning/ Natural language processing and Agent based Modelling and Simulation.

If you are interested in pursuing PhD and find his research interests aligned with yours, please do not hesitate to contact him.

Areas of Research

Machine Learning
Deep Learning
Agent Based Modelling


Programming 1 & 2
Data Structures & Algorithm Analysis
Web Development
Supervising Final Year UG Projects
Supervising PhD students

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice (PGCAP)

    2023 - 2023
  • PhD Computer Science

    2014 - 2019
  • Msc Advanced Computing Science

    2013 - 2014
  • BSc Computer Science and Engineering

    2006 - 2010