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Lecturer in Marketing


Dr. Javed Kawsar is a lecturer in Marketing, with seven years of higher education experience, who joined Salford Business School in January 2022. Dr. Javed Kawsar has entrepreneurship experience in import & export and industrial experience as a marketing consultant.
Dr. Javed Kawsar has obtained his BBA (Honors) and MBA in marketing from Premier University, Bangladesh, followed by MA (HRM) from University of Bolton, UK and MSc (International Business) from University of Salford, UK. Dr. Javed kawsar has obtained his PhD from University of Salford in 2016.

His present area of teaching consists of General Marketing, International Business, Research Methods, Digital Marketing, and Hospitality & Tourism marketing. Additionally, he is involved in Industry Collaboration Project Supervision in University of Salford and worked as a post-graduate research supervisor for University College London. Dr. Javed Kawsar's research interests span the Customer Relationship Marketing, SMEs and Digital Formation. He is also an active researcher in the area of Religious Tourism Marketing. He has made publications in International Journal and Edited Book. Dr. Javed Kawsar is an active member/participant of CIRCLE International (The Centre for International Research in Consumer Location and their Environment), IRTP (Institute for Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage), and IIMA (Institute of Islamic Marketing Association). He is also an active reviewer of International Journals and is a fellow of The University of Vitez, Bosnia.

Areas of Research

Customer Relationship Marketing in SMEs; Digital Marketing in Customer Relationship; Religious Tourism and Pilgrimage Marketing


Customer Experience and Value Creation
Digital Marketing Communication
Campaigns in Practice
Customer and Supplier Engagement
Emerging Themes in Marketing
Research Methods
Online and Offline Marketing
Industry Collaboration Project Supervision

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • PhD

  • MSc

  • MA

  • MBA

  • BBA (Honors)