Dr Mariana Do Amaral Camara Lima

School of Science, Engineering & Environment

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Known as

Mariana Do Amaral Camara Lima

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Current positions

Lecturer in Marine Biology


I am a Marine Biologist mainly researching the impacts of global change (climate change, pollution, anthropogenic degradation) on blue carbon coastal ecosystems, to promote marine conservation. I also have an MSc in Freshwater Biology and Inland Fisheries from INPA, a Brazilian research institute in the Amazon, and a PhD on the impacts of climate change on seagrass ecosystem’s carbon storage potential awarded by the University of Brighton. Additionally, I have previous industry experience working as an environmental consultant for a large heavy engineering company in Brazil, assessing the environmental impacts of building new harbours and ports in marine coastal environments.

Areas of Research

Blue carbon, Seagrass, Climate change, Sea level rise, Coastal wetlands, Ecosystem Services.

Areas of Supervision

Global change (climate change, extreme weather events, environmental pollution) Influences on coastal environments (subtidal, mangroves, salt marshes, seagrasses, coastal grasslands).


I am the programme leader for the Marine Biology course, where I utilise a wide variety of techniques within my teaching including lectures, group work, in-class data analysis, practical lab and field-based learning to promote engaging and interactive learning environments. I incorporate cutting-edge material including case studies from my research and experience to provide a background to the topics and theories I am delivering, principally focused on coastal environments and marine conservation. Main modules taught include Fisheries Science, Marine Management, Marine Biotechnology, Ocean Challenges, and Introduction to Marine Biology, amongst others. Undergraduate and postgraduate students are welcome to participate in current research projects, which can be linked to dissertations.

Qualifications and Recognitions

  • PhD in Environment

    2016 - 2020